*"Right to Education for All"*

Pub Dikrong College, a co-educational higher educational institution was established with a view to spread higher education in the vast flood affected rural and economically backward areas of Lakhimpur district of Assam. The college is located in an area of diverse communities where the majority of people are tribal and economically backward. Since its inception the college has been playing a vital role in contributing in the academic and social aspects of entire Pub Dikrong and adjacent parts of Majuli district. It has been mentioned in the vision of the college that to make good quality education available, accessible and affordable to all the aspirants. Prior to the establishment of this college the major portion of the students of this rural tribal dominated areas could not think of higher education and their dreams for higher education was not fulfilled. The area is dominated by multi-ethnic groups. They are Kachari (Thengal), Deori, Missing, Nepali, Tea-Tribes and Schedule caste people. Until the inception of this institution these people were not aware of higher education and the percentage of higher educated people were very less in this areas. The majority of the students from Schedule Tribes (ST Plain)- Deori, Missing, Thengal Kachari, Sonowal Kachari. The college provides the learning and future building platform for this students. A major part of them are first generation learners and they have been contributed a lot in bringing changes in socio-economic landscape of the area. Today one can easily feel the positive impact of this institution in their socio-economic status.

In our intellectual journey, the main aim and focus have been placed in creating a congenial academic environment. As a newly provincialised college all the facilities are still to be fulfilled. This is due to the financial problem but the college has been trying to fulfill this.

The college has now been running with limited modern facilities like- digital classroom, smart classroom and computer lab, Wi-Fi facilities in the college campus. The college has given academic and other support in culture, literature to its students so that they can get suitable job opportunities. A large number of alumni have been established in professions like teaching, defense, Paramilitary and other services. A part of alumni is seen established in business also.

Since our institution is a co-educational institution, it always inspires education for all. The ratio of male female students is 170:164. Equal opportunities have been given to both boys' and girls' to participate and represent in the institution. The college undertakes some schemes like fee waive, fee relaxation, academic assistance and counseling etc.

The institution has been adopting some programs to culture value education. Because the college believes that the present day education should not be confined in classroom situation. Students are always encouraged to participate in social activities for community participation. The various cells and committees of the college has been made efforts for effective implementation of these programs. The college is gradually growing, flourishing and fulfilling its dream to be a member of world community in its thirst for knowledge.

In order to preserve the rich heritage of culture of the diverse communities of Assam in general and rich ethnic culture of Lakhimpur district in particular a "Mini Museum" has been set up at college in order to preserve and introduce our rich cultural heritage to our students. The students will be able to familiar with these valuable and rich cultures.

One of the important aspects of the college which has been identified as distinctiveness in college history. The college has a vast plot of land in campus. Realizing the present day scenario of man-nature relationship, the college has planted so many trees in the campus at the time of its establishment. Natural disasters like storm has already damaged some of the trees. All the trees are surveyed and numbered with scientific and local name so that our students will well acquainted with the plant diversity and can realize the relation between man and nature and biodiversity. They will gain knowledge that if the trees alive than all the creatures will alive and if trees die we will also die.