Governing Body

*Role of Governing Body in Development process*: The Governing Body is the supreme authority of the college. The Governing is constituted under the guidelines of Government of Assam. The president is selected by the Government among the panel provided by the institution. There are two University nominee appointed by Dibrugarh University. There are guardians nominee, staff secretary, local educationist are also the member of governing body. The principal cum secretary of the college is an active member of GB. The main purpose of Pub Dikrong College Governing Body is to decide the overall strategic direction and educational character of the college and ensure its overall well being and financial matters. More specifically the Governing Body is responsible for :
1. Determining and reviewing the educational character and mission of the college and the oversight of its activity. 
2. Publishing arrangements for obtaining the views of staff and students on the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the college. 
3. Approval of quality strategy for the development of the college. 
4. Approving annual estimate of income and expenditure. 
5. Appointing and determining the pay and conditions of service of the college Principal and other senior post holder of clerk.  6. Setting a framework for the pay and conditions of service of all other staff.
*Existing Governing Body* 
*President: Dr. Tarun Sarmah* 
*Secretary: Dr. Prasanta Neog (Principal)* 
*Vice Chancellor Nominee* 
*1. Dr. Sarat Hazarika* 
*2. Dr. Rajendranath Sabhapandit* 
*Staff Member* 
*1. Mr. Bodan Saikia (DDO)* 
*2. Mr. Kamal Mili* 
*3. Mr. Jadav Boruah* 
*Local Educationist:* 
*1. Mr. Khagendra Nath Saikia* 
*Guardian Nominee* 
*1. Lalit Rajkhowa* 
*2. Mrs. Niju moni Bora*