1 *Institutional Social Responsibility:*

*Objectivity*  The institution has never been turning its back to the responsibilities towards the society since its inception. Application of classroom teaching and instruction to the outside community is believe by the college. The college strongly believes that the good habit must be cultivated from the basic level. To produce potential human resources, promote communal harmony, make people aware of their civic responsibility and fundamental rights are one of the dreams cherished by the college. The institution leaves no stone unturned to realize the learners of their civic responsibility towards the society. The college initiates to encourage, engage in co-curricular and extension activities to attain this end.
*Context * Pub Dikrong College is located in a flood affected and economically backward areas having different tribes and ethnic groups. Most of them are familiar to their own traditional beliefs. They are still not aware of their environment, health and education. Since the area is economically backward, they don't like to take higher studies. The college never turns it back to the responsibilities to this people. The institution has always been trying assists, coordinates and contributes to create awareness regarding the higher education and among the rural people.
*Practice* Pub Dikrong College was established with the aim of providing good quality education to its flood affected rural areas of Lakhimpur district of Assam. Since its inception the college havs been trying to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the local people. Keeping in mind the responsibility towards the society the institution has been implemented various programs at various levels. BPL students have been given free relaxation and guardians for encouragement and having friendly relationship. Plantation program in adopted village, AIDS and Drug awareness program, flood relief distributed in the flood affected river in tribal villages. The institution distributed food items, medicines, cloths, water etc. The staff has also contributed to Chief Ministers Relief Fund for flood victims. Free medical camp organized by the institution are included in this category. The Covid Awareness program during the pandemic situation in rural areas and voting awareness program in rural tribal villages are some of the important initiative taken by the institution.
*Evidence of success* The success of best practices can be observed in participation of public oriented programs and activities of women cell etc. The riverin flood affected tribal villages like Dhunaguri, Bhalukaguri, Bahgorah have been relieved during the flood. The teachers and students are always playing a vital role in offering greater responsibility in binding the society and keep up good faith. The awareness of local people about the environment, education and health are increasing.
*Problems encountered and Resources required* The college has been encountering some problems in implementation of plan and policies and programs. 
- Insufficient Fund.
- Lack of awareness among the local people.
- Interior villages.

*2. Think Green, Be Green:*

*Objective of the practice*    - To aware the students about the threats of environmental degradation, pollution and global warming that are caused by cutting of trees. - To create awareness among the students that if Trees alive, human being will alive. - To realized our students that protection and conservation and plantation is our moral duty to save trees and save nature.
In present day world environmental degradation is one of the major issue of thinking. Protection of environment in present day context is one of the prime concern of intellectual world. The institution has been paying great attention to this ever discussing vital problem. Keeping in mind of this important aspects the college authority has been taking tree plantation programs since the inception of the institution. Tree plantation programs have been undertaken firstly in the college campus and then outside the campus and adopted village. The tree plantation programs are undertaken jointly by the college authority as well as NSS Unit Pub Dikrong College. These programs brings awareness among the students about the serious problems of environmental degradation and the necessity of its saving. There is a fishery in our college campus which is one of the important part of eco system.
*The practice:* Plantation of various medicinal plants, permanent flower plant and the trees of commercial importance during such awareness programs proves to be very effective. The trees planted by the college authority gives shade and make beautiful of college campus and green. Tree plantation programs undertaken in nearby schools also make the students aware of the need of conserving our natural environment. The public also participate in the programs. The planted trees are now becoming matured, unfortunately the natural disaster (storm) damages some of the trees. It gives our students some of the slogans that.
- Think green be green.
- Trees on, global warming gone.
- Save the earth, save ourselves.
- Save trees, save nature.
*Evidence of Success* Plantation programs have been performing in the college campus as well as in the nearby villages for the last few years. At first the programs were undertaken by the student union of the college. But after the formation of NSS Unit of the college, the programs have been undertaken by the unit. More than thousands of trees were planted in college campus and other areas. The programs are guided by the Program officer of NSS Unit and the Principal Pub Dikrong College. The IQAC of the college also cooperates with the programs. The very aim of this program is to aware and give knowledge about the importance of environment and sustainable use of these trees. Under the initiatives of NSS unit of our college, the students of our college visited "*Ranga Reserve Forest*" on the border area between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh on 28th January 2017. Such types of visit helped the students to acquaint with the rich bio diversity of the state. The trees in the college campus are labeled with scientific and local names so that students can recognized them easily. World Environment Day was celebrated in 5th June in every year and special lectures were organized for the students like "Relationships Between Man and Environment".