Pub Dikrong College was set up in 5th August 1991 with might contribution of local public. Since the day of its inception the college has been playing a pivotal role in imparting higher education in the entire Pub Dikrong area . The College achives a high academic distinction and gets a niche for the brilliant results of T.D.C Fiinal Examination conducted by Dibrugarh University to which the college is affiliated. Pub Dikrong college is Newely Provincilized by the Govt from the session 2013-2014. The College has  been already received 2(f) recognisation 1956 by the University Grant Commission.
The prescribed uniform for the students of Pub Dikrong College is as Follows:

For Boys:       Black Pant and White Shirts.
For Girls:        Green Blouse with Green bordered chador and Muga Coloured Mekhela.
College Uniform
The vision of our College is to make good quality education  available, accessible and affordable to all our future generations. With this vision in mind , the following  is to be achieved.
1.To teach that life has a meaning.
2.To awaken the innate ability to live the life of soul by developing wisdom.
3.To train for self development.
4.To develop certain values like fearlessness of mind, strength of conscience and integrity of purpose.
5.To acquaint with cultural heritage for its regeneration.
6.To develop understanding of the present as well as of the past.
7.To seek and cultivate new knowledge.
8.To provide right kind of leadership in all walks of life.
9.To develop national understanding and world peace.
10)To provide the socio-economic political, cultural, spiritual and moral value of life.
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